The day is dawning…

The day is dawning, fresh, new.
As I step outside, bare feet on the ground,
the grass is enveloped in a blanket of dew.
Drops, like crystals, shine on a meticulously spun web.
The sun starts to peak, ever so slightly
and the darkness, from the earth, quickly begins to ebb.
I search in the horizon for the initial blaze.
It’s appearing from behind my mountain
of which the summit is still hidden in a foggy haze.
Where is it, can I see it? Higher, higher, higher still…
it keeps rising, never stops, it can’t…
It’s rising, it’s shining…it’s being is my God’s will.
The rays shine down upon my face.
The glow, the warmth, the energy…
it all speaks to me of my God’s great grace.
Leaves are falling this early morn. How do they know?
As they twirl, whirl, dance down from above my head
the precise time has come for them to just let go.
They fall into the flowing water that trickles, cascades, over jagged rocks.
From high up on the mountain it has traveled with countless fresh water droplets.
It flows and flows…does it know how or where it stops?
The birds begin their chirps. They know their place.
Some have hunted and called throughout the night
while others awake for this glorious, blessed day.
It’s at this time to my knees I should fall.
God should be thanked for the gifts I see…may I miss not even one.
Truly though, how could I name them all?
Let me always look…
may I continue to pursue the goodness, God’s glory, and when it I find
please help me remember to share with others those things whose amazement, my very breath took.


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