Lubba You Too

“Lubba you too.”

There are few things in life more precious than your sweet toddler leaning over to kiss your fake-sleeping face and patting your cheek before she turns, places her baby face on her “tar” pillow, and drifts off to sleep.

Your heart is full.

You know for a brief moment in her life, you are her WHOLE world…her everything. While that fact can be completely overwhelming at times, it is also completely humbling to experience the unconditional love of a child…

a love that thinks you are absolutely PERFECT, just as you are.

She finds peace and comfort in your embrace whether she is happy, sad, or melting down. You are her EVERYTHING…just as you are. In her eyes, you are beautiful, flawless, hers…

everything you say, wear, do is something she wants to emulate.

She won’t always love you JUST like this.

Her love will always be precious, but it will evolve. It will be different.

She is going to see that I am NOT perfect. I am GOING to let her down.

So, during this ever important time, may I strive to take steps that make my shoes worth filling with her tiny feet. May the path I give her to follow lead her to TRUE perfection…our Heavenly Father’s grace and love…

a love that will see our imperfections, and continue to hold strong, unwavering.

In the meantime, until her naive, little heart has matured to the point that it can see and understand something so extraordinary, may God give me the strength to shine His love in her life and let her know just how precious she is…to me and Him.


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