Sometimes it’s hard

Sometimes it’s hard…

Like when they are screaming, “mommy”

“Mommy, please.”

“Mommy, do you hear me?”

“Mommy, do you see me?”

“Mommy, are you there?”

“Mommy, have you left?”

“Mommy, please hold me.”

“Mommy, I need you.”

“Mommy, PLEASE!!”

And you just can’t. You really CAN’T. A mommy’s heart just breaks as she reaches to touch. Mommy voices her comfort, and it just…

It just doesn’t help.

She wants to feel her little self in your arms and know her world is still spinning.

It took us about 6.5 hours (should be 4.5-5). We totalled 6 stops, but we made it. She is at her Nahnah’s house for the first time. She met her greatgrandmother, and tomorrow she will meet her cousins.

For now, everything is as it should be. Her belly is full, and she is safe and snuggled in her mommy’s arms.

For now, the world is PERFECT. ❤


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