Nervous Buzzing

Buzzing, when you haven’t been hearing buzzing, can be a little intimidating…

Perhaps scary.

I was on my way home from picking up my new nuc (nucleus colony…overwintered group of bees) from the supplier when I first heard buzzing…

After YEARS of dreaming of having my own hive, the moment had arrived. They were ready for pick-up, to be brought home to the pretty, pastel hive that the kids and I had painted. My five daughters were going to be going with me to claim the bees because my husband had class that day, but as we were walking out the door, GLORY HALLELUJAH, there he stood. I bribed everyone with honey sticks and Chic-fil-a to stay home. They agreed.

I arrived at the store, eager customers from a few states away were awaiting their beautiful packages as well. The orange box with the pretty pink lid was mine. So exciting!!!

I grabbed a few needed supplies, a feeder, a bee brush, some smoker fuel, and opted IN on the extra bee bag for the nuc box. After chatting it up with the “bee ladies” for a few, I headed towards home with my new colony of ladies (and a few guys-drones).

* The workers, the ones you swat and run from, are all GIRLS. Next time you see one, calmly wish her well and thank her for all her hard work. She will, literally, work herself to death…pollinating your food.

Back to my story…

All was quiet. All was peaceful. I took the time away from chatty kids to talk to my mom on speaker phone as I made the drive home.

Then I heard it.

I had stopped at a stop sign. The hum of the moving car ceased, but another hum was now audible. Funny. I didn’t hear anything before.

I took a quick second to glimpse over my shoulder, and I saw it…

The “optional” mesh bag, the one I chose to purchase for a few extra dollars, the one encasing the plastic box full of bees, the one that wasn’t supposed to have bees in it…

Had bees in it.

They had escaped.

I’m not sure how. I’m assuming the jostling movements of the car caused the lid to crack just enough, bee space, for some of its inhabitants to escape. Escape they did, and now, they were separated from their queen. The queen, the heartbeat of the colony, the insect that determines every single aspect of how the hive functions, was IN the box, and they couldn’t get back to her. They were stuck. They were nervous. They were agitated. They were possibly fearful. They were buzzing, but they were currently still IN the bag.

I’m so glad I bought that bag.

I dealt with my first bee “emergency” well. I had never in my life handled bees.  Remember, this was a DREAM that had JUST become my reality.  What little I DID know about bees led me to remain calm. My mom, on the other end of the phone, was a little buzzy and agitated, but I was doing okay. I called to explain to my hubby that the chicken sandwich was going to have to wait a bit. I had a “situation” to handle. He and the kids buzzed a little about that.

I arrived home with my chaos. My husband lit the smoker as I got suited up. I unzipped the bag and was able to open the entrance vents on the box. The ladies were reunited with their queen. All was well. Calm and order restored.

When your first experience is hectic and crazy, things can only improve, right?

Let’s hope.

I still can’t believe how calm and relaxing opening a hive full of bees really is. It is an amazing experience that rivals the birth of my children and dividing under the ocean, visiting a world that is not your own.

Until the buzzing…

Buzzing can wreak havoc on your nerves.

Move too fast, use less caution, squish just one bee…

Things can get riled up quickly.

It can be calm again. Things can be “set right.” It just takes a little patience and slowing down.

There is a lot of buzzing going on in our world right now…

Buzzing that, just a few short weeks ago, was a quiet hum…almost unnoticed. It’s escalating, and people are getting nervous.

Slow down my friends. Take a step back, reassess, then proceed with caution…

Order can (and will) be restored.

Set your eyes on the King. He dwells with you, in you, to provide peace and security. Be deliberate with your attempts to help calm the buzzing.


And love…


The cutie in the picture is my youngest daughter in her “bee hat.” Always trying to be like mommy.


2 thoughts on “Nervous Buzzing

  1. Oh, Amanda, what a beautiful story! So well written. I was right there with you. Yep, your gut told you to buy that bag. Always listen to your gut. (And so much for THAT being the most excitement you would have this spring. Bwahahahaha!)


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