Don’t Become a Leggy Seedling

Have you ever heard the term “leggy seedling” before?

It’s a tiny, freshly emerged little plant, searching, reaching, bending, stretching struggling…

Because it’s not getting enough light.

Plants need light.

Ever tried putting a plant in a recliner in a dark living room in front of a tv?

It won’t make it.

LIFE needs light.

Living things need sunlight and fresh air to be healthy and survive.

Open a window.

Go for a walk.

Sit on your front porch and watch the birds.

Happy Palm Sunday, friends. 😍

This is “The Week” that makes life worth living. The ending to this week IS your BEGINNING.

Turn off the gloom and doom the news is spoon feeding you, get out of your recliner, and LIVE. You’ve been blessed with this day. THRIVE in it. ❤

Don’t become a leggy seedling.


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