My Little Red Crayon

This morning I decided that I was going to share the My Little Red Crayon poem that I wrote a few years back.  I wrote it for my oldest child when she was nearing two.  I had even dug into my archived photos…no problem, there’s only about 18,000 of them, give or give a little.  Yes, I know I said give or give.  There really is five-digit amounts of them…no lie.

I located the picture.  My girls had fun looking back and laughing at everyone’s lack of hair in the “old days” (my kids don’t have much hair until they reach the age of 3).  I hit save, closed everything up for later, and we had a fun afternoon with my in-laws.  After dinner out, the girls BEGGED and PLEADED for me to take them to a rock painting party.  This was an event that I have heard about (repeatedly…as in every. single. day) since my mother, ever so kindly, told them about it.  I still love her.  I do.

I was exhausted beyond measure, but decided, why not?

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I Want to Be Like You

No, not the frog…I don’t want to be like the FROG!!

Stick with me here…

My five year old child, in her sweet, 5 year old voice, out of seemingly nowhere observes,

“God made him. God made him beautiful.”

She had just caught a toad…it’s a TOAD, people.  What was she talking about? Beautiful? A FROG…I mean, TOAD? She thinks a toad beautiful?

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