My name is Amanda, and I am a former public-school teacher. I spent six years teaching kindergarten and began my 7th year teaching/coaching K-2 Math. This was before leaving my career to be a stay-home mom. I now use my Master’s of Education degree to clean house, cook, and homeschool my 4 beautiful, spunky, sassy, inquisitive girls. I do NOT like to cook. I would rather clean (although I don’t like it either), but my people like to eat so I have to cook. This is NOT, nor will it ever be, a cooking blog. If you want recipe advice, seek my husband’s help. I have, on the other hand, always loved to write (well, communicate in general) so blogging seems to be a good fit for me. It’s a way to meet new people…share experiences.

My husband works long, tiresome hours so I can be with my babies FULL-TIME. While that is a blessing, it can also be quite tough. It’s actually never really easy…ever. How can it be “easy” with 4 kids and a husband who works the most INSANE hours possible? We are happy…we live near mountains. Things are great here…homeschooling with unlimited parks and forests…HELLO!!

That’s me in a nutshell. Hopefully it gives a little background on who I am and helps some of my craziness make sense.

I don’t have it together.

I don’t even almost have it together.

I don’t have anything that could even remotely be construed as having IT…even moderately…together.

So why should you give two hoots and a holler about anything that I have to say? I don’t know…maybe you shouldn’t OR…

Maybe I’m just a mom who is real and is telling my life As. It. Is.

Maybe I write for therapy for myself.

Maybe I write because one of you might just need to hear that it is okay to be a hot mess and have NOTHING together…that it IS okay….and you are not alone.

Proverbs 27:17  (NLT)

17 As iron sharpens iron,
so a friend sharpens a friend.

So, friend (that’s what you are now) let’s take this journey together. You sharpen me; allow me to sharpen you. Together, let’s take this mothering thing on. What do you say?