Cliff Hanging

Do you ever feel like you are dangling on the edge of a cliff?

The ground is crumbling beneath your feet and you are TERRIFIED, but you are not falling. It seems you are being held by a thin thread that has unraveled from the hem of your shirt.

Will I fall? Is this it? Is my entire world going to shatter at this particular moment? Maybe the next?

You have? You’ve felt that way? Me too.

Perhaps you feel that way right now, but God has you, friend. He’s the one hanging on to that unravelled thread, and He is promising to not let go.

So far, He has never let me go.

I truly believe He never will, though I still manage to slip into moments of fear and what-if.

Hang on friends and have faith, if you are truly dangling, you can be pulled back to safety, even by that thin, fragile thread. Once your feet are back on solid ground, the view can be breath-taking.

BUT you know what else could be your reality?

Our cliff may not actually be a cliff. Sometimes they aren’t.


Sometimes the cliffs are illusions created out of our own doubt and fear. In those times, we’re not really dangling. Our eyes and mind are playing tricks, causing us to lose our focus.

Muster up the strength to look, listen, and trust, friend. It will all be okay in the end. The “okay” may not look the way you were expecting, but ultimately, you will come out in the end, stronger, wiser, and hopefully more willing to trust and accept.


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