21 days…

21 days…


That’s what it takes to change from a small, ordinary, fragile, seemingly insignificant egg into a LIFE. A full, complete, perfectly formed little chick.

Just 21 days.

Under normal circumstances, the egg is just an egg, pretty simple, but put it in the right environment, add just the right amount of heat and moisture, turn it, guide it, and in 21 days…

a little chick.

The egg doesn’t know what’s happening. The chick doesn’t know why or how it got here. They both just respond in the most positive way that they can and expect the best. We call that faith and hope, but that’s a bit deep for chicks and eggs, don’t you think?

We have hatched eggs in the incubator several times. I candle them along the way so the girls can see how the life is growing, changing day after day.

It starts early on with spidering veins, then you can see a tiny little heartbeat, later an eye spot. The little embryo grows every single day. It grows at such an alarming rate that it is astonishing, miraculous. Any slight disturbance (power outages are pretty detrimental) can slow the growth or end it all together.

I’ll be honest, I feel like I’m out of the egg basket and in the “incubator.” I believe I’m physically in the right place, but my temperature and humidity may need some adjustment. I have areas to tweak, areas that need improvement. Sometimes I just dont roll when I get nudged to turn.

Just last night, my 2-year-old brought me her sister’s Bible and said, “read it.”

I know she meant for me to read it to HER, but I get the message, loud and clear. It is my prayer that I can make the correct adjustments to allow me to continue to grow and to help my little eggs find their way in this world.

Are you in the right environment, friend? Are you developing, changing, growing, or are you just sitting, hanging on, praying you don’t get cracked?

Find your incubator. Get that temperature fixed JUST right, and when you feel the urge to roll, have the faith to do it, and never lose hope.


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