The Tough Spots

She sat down to draw a picture for me on her LeapPad.

She opened up a fresh canvas and I noticed that she immediately went for the eraser. She took to scrubbing and rubbing with that cyber eraser, but to no avail. The spots she was trying to remove from her canvas were not going to be removed by her…at least, not with THAT eraser.

“Here, let mommy see it.”

With my fingernail, I carefully scratched the surface of her screen and removed the, well, I’m not exactly sure what all I removed, but when I was finished, the screen was clean and so was her canvas.

“Dat’s better.”

She took to drawing a Minnie Mouse for me.

We all have spots in our life that we can try so desperately to hide. We can scrub and rub, but they are just too much for US to remove. Some spots require a bit more than we can handle ourselves. The good news, we can all start over with a fresh, new, blemish free canvas. All we need to do is humble ourselves, admit that we are unable to clean-up the messes ourselves, and ask for help…ask for forgiveness for our flaws, our sins.

I’m not saying that the screen won’t get messy again, but we all know how to clean it up. There is one Eraser that can erase any mistake, any blemish that you have in your life. Just ask and your spots will be erased.

Happy Easter, friends!!

Today, the tomb is empty.

Praise God for the miracle of forgiveness. Thank you, Jesus, for the ultimate sacrifice…for removing all of my tough spots.


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