It was never a promise…

Yes, we know the gender of our next little miracle. I’m not really into surprises.

Want to know a secret, though?

We have known for about 10 weeks and we are pleased with how our life is playing out.

It seems not everyone understands…

The thing about having a house full of girls is you get constant comments, everywhere you go. These comments seem to imply that your life couldn’t possibly be complete without a son…

Comments that ring in the ears and hearts of my precious daughters.

“Look at all those girls. Are you going to keep trying for YOUR boy?”

MY boy? OUR boy?

Would the implication be that the beautiful children we have been blessed with are in some way…not enough?

I, honestly, don’t ever remember being promised a boy.

However, we have been asked that question with each and every one of our precious baby girls.

We were never promised a son.

Our hearts are filled to the brim with the love that we have for our amazing daughters, each strangely similar, yet as unique as a blizzard of falling snowflakes.

Have you seen them?

God has blessed us in ways that I could never have dreamed, with more than I could ever have imagined…

…and with blessings that many go their entire life without.

Will there be more little ones for us?

Honestly…I don’t know. Sometimes I am scared the answer is “yes,” while other times terrified that the answer may be “no.”

But if there ever is…

My heart would swell with never-ending joy to see my husband holding his infant son, but it swells with more joy than I can express in words when I see him hiking into the woods with a trail of red-haired girls, following him like a bunch of little ducklings, their step following directly in the ones that he has taken, those that are tested and safe.

Sure, I would love for my husband to have a smaller version of himself to guide, direct, lead…

But you know what…

He is doing that very thing with four beautiful, spunky, headstrong little girls.

And he’ll do that with another…


4 thoughts on “It was never a promise…

  1. Becky

    What a blessing!! Amanda, I love reading your blogs, but I have to say this has been one of my favorites! Maybe because having four girls, I can really relate to remarks of others who really have no clue to how their words come across. Congratulations to your family!


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